Mappa concettuale

Mission: business consulting and quality training to meet the customer's needs, drawing on the experience of Dr. Elisabetta Galli, Ph.D. in Law, and qualified consultants in various fields.


Development and maintenance of management systems, for example: for quality (in compliance with ISO 9001), for health and safety at work (BS OHSAS 18001) for the environment (ISO 14001), for medical devices (ISO 1348), for food safety (ISO 22000) and for anti-bribery (ISO 37001).
Business Continuity - Consultation, implementation and maintenance of management systems based on the ISO standard 22301.

Why the need for management systems?

 To improve business processes, increase clients and expand the business: increasingly certifications are required or preferred;

 to gain more credibility in the market, thereby strengthening the company image;

 to obtain preferential qualifications when participation in public procurement processes;

 to obtain financial benefits and allowances (e.g. INAIL: Italian National Insurance Institute for Industrial Accidents).


First and second party audits of management systems.


Drafting and/or updating the risk assessment document.
Risk assessment document processing in accordance with standardised procedures for businesses with under 10 employees.
Verification of corporate compliance with Italian Legislative Decree. No 81/2008.


Management systems.
Support for analysis and obtaining of authorisations.


Development and implementation of entrepreneurial ideas, including through the attraction and use of public funds (regional, European, etc.).
Assisting companies with temporary managers and project managers for implementing and reorganising production processes.
Lean production.
Brand enhancement.


Training and/or qualified teaching staff on site or in-house on issues of safety in the workplace (employees, supervisors, managers, employers, etc.), management systems, the development of human resources and more besides.

Why the need for quality training?

Not only to comply with legal obligations but to prevent occupational accidents, illnesses and to engender a sense of personal responsibility in members of the company.
Investing in human resources is the most direct and effective way to effect growth in the company.


Development and maintenance of models of administration, management and control in accordance with Italian legislative decree no 231/2001 on the liability of legal persons.
Social Accountability 8000 - Ethical Certification.
Code of business ethics.
Legality rating.

Why have an ethical perspective and a model of administration, management and control?

Ethics increases credibility, business competitiveness and client confidence.
Organisation, management and control models increase business efficiency and minimise the risk of law infringement.


Method for rapid learning and memory techniques to improve knowledge.
Mind mapping, also applied to the business, to memorize, organise, make decisions and increase the skills of human resources.

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